Securing your home against criminal intruders is of top priority. At Coppell Locksmith we recommend dead bolt locks that will make your home or business exterior more secure against break-ins. This is a type of lock incorporated with a steel bolt that extends into the door jam and strike plate of a door frame. Dead bolts are commonly used in combination with a door handle lock.

Common types of dead bolt locks to choose from:

Single Cylinder Deadbolt: This type of deadbolt needs a key to open from outside, but it can be operated with a twist knob from inside. The locks are very uneasy for intruders to gain access and they are quite easy to control even in urgent situations. They are incorporated with security alarm system helpful for alerting the attempt of an intruder either deterred from entering or not able to enter.

Double Cylinder Deadbolt: A double cylinder deadbolt lock operates just the same way as the single cylinder but both sides require a key for operation both outside and inside the organization. This design is fantastic for businesses mainly because only individual with a key can lock or unlock your door. A deadbolt lock puts you in control of your business.

Keyless Deadbolt Locks: This deadbolt lock can be either automated or mechanical with various choices to choose from. Keyless deadbolts come with different cool features including; Keypads with backlight, an alarm, digital keyless entry, automatic locking and some models can be operated remotely, via an iPhone or an android. Keyless dead bolts are majorly considered for residential and commercial use. They are graded for weather resistance and higher daily traffic.

Benefits of installing dead bolt locks

Dead bolt lock are just as efficient in preventing intruders from breaking into your home or business premises. See extra! Dead bolt lock is a cost efficient choice that can end up saving you hundreds, or even hundreds of thousands, on setting up your home or office security.

Below are various other benefits you get when you install deadbolt locks.

Deadbolt locks are:

  • Available with keys or as keyless devices
  • Useful for both homes and businesses
  • Economical
  • Strong and Affordable.


Our expert deadbolt locks technicians can help install dead bolt locks and also fix those that are no more working efficiently. We offer all deadbolt locksmith services such as; Dead bolt lock Install, Double Sided Dead bolt, Keypad Deadbolt, Deadbolt Cylinder Keyed and Keyless Deadbolt. All services are reliable and fully guaranteed. Installation process are clean and prompt, we are fast and friendly, always ready and available to offer you 24/7 locksmith service, be it day or night and also available in cases of emergency just to ensure the total convenience of our customers.

Whether you need honest, affordable pricing for your dead bolt locksmith services, installation and repair needs you can depend on us. We make a professional get in touch with you in time. All you need do is to contact us today on our home page.