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People start hiding keys under the mat or in their flower pot since the day they learn that they could possibly do that. But nowadays it is very much known by everyone hence making it very risky. It gives allowance for someone else to enter your territory where as you won’t certainly approve of it, but worry no more as there is a genius solution to that.


What is rekeying?

Rekeying is done when the owner feels that unauthorized access has been given out to someone who is not allowed. Rekeying is not simply changing a lock, it is changing a lock in a way that a different key operates it from then onwards and the lock will be worked upon by a professional lock smith so that only new keys work. This process is simpler as you don’t have to change the entire lock system you have installed rather the tumbler or wafer configuration of the lock is changed.


Rekeying for automobiles

Other than rekeying the locks of your property, you can gain back the lost control to your automobiles too. It would require a skilled locksmith to deal with your car as car rekeying requires all the locks in your car to refresh by changing the key combination to make the locks fit a new key and debilitating the old one. But the end result would be satisfying because even if you lose your car keys, you can get new ones, opening a different lock in your same car, which the person who has those old keys won’t be able to access anymore.


How to pursue a locksmith for rekeying?

Internet has advanced our help lines to have much easy getaway with things. You can easily Google the nearest locksmith to you for rekeying your house or automobile.

Usually there are specialized locksmiths for car rekeying which have the necessary equipment and authorized automobile dealership license to cater to your cars’ locks.



Everything comes with a price and so does your locksmith. Make sure to get a good, skilled one that gets the job done right away and charges you appropriately. Being a common labor man, a locksmith might charge you according to the hours he serves you and the parts that he had to correct, or install.


Are there any alternatives to rekeying?

Yes, but it depends upon your situation.

  • If your keys are not lost but just stopped working then you probably don’t need to rekey but rather get new keys as you are dealing with a worn out key problem.
  • If you lost your car keys somehow, but they were the new ones with chip installed in them then also you don’t need to get rekey but rather your locksmith would remove the key code from your car’s memory and it won’t be able to start your car again.


So, the next time someone complains to you about a stolen key, or doubts unauthorized access to their homes, just ask them: did you try rekeying it?


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